Arthropleura promo
Scientific name Arthropleura armata
Home era Late Carboniferous to Early Permian
Creature type Arthropod
Deaths caused 2
Appearances Episode 1.2
Episode 2.1 (flashback)
Episode 2.6
Episode 2.7
Other References
A type of giant centipede appears in Primeval.


Episode 1.2Edit

An anomaly opens in the London Underground, letting thru a hudnred arachnids and a Arthropleura. One attacked Stephen, Abby and Cutter, cornering Cutter into a sewer system.

Later, when Stephen went down to save Cutter, he attacked it with a bottle of flame, that was sucked into the anomaly, and the Arthropleura attacked Stephen and was poisoned.

Cutter, Ryan, and Connor tracked down the Arthropleura for a sample of its venom, and after getting the sample, it was shot at, and finally electrocuted, and died as a result.