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Profession Soldier
Organisations worked for SAS
Mission Status
Appearances The Lost Island (death)
Actor/Actress N/A
"No, shit"
―Willoby on the Polacanthus[src]

'Captain John Willoby was an SAS soldier who helped Cutter and his team out in Guns Island.

In Primeval'Edit

The Lost IslandEdit

He first appeared in the ARC, introducing Cutter to his team. (Anita Watts, David Doody, Colum Fox, and Peter Farnsworth) They went to the Polar Star and found a Liopleurodon, but don't kill it as it soaks up many rounds. They go to shore and climb the cliffs. He helped the others with the Eotyrannus, and then went into the lab, going through the anomaly where they become marooned. He and Connor found an anomaly, and while covering Cutters party, he is killed by the raptors.

Second QuoteEdit

"Get a grip you bastards"