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Scientific name Mesothelae
Home era Late Carboniferous to Late Permian
Creature type Giant Arachnid
Deaths caused 2
Appearances Episode 1.2 (only appearance)
Other References

Some giant arachnids appear in Primeval.

Episode 1.2Edit

When an anomaly to the Carboniferous opened, it let through several hundred or so giant spiders and one Arthropleura. One attacks a kills a rat. Later, when a cleaner in the London underground is cleaning, he encounters the spider, which attacks him, but he was really killed by a Arthropleura. He later dies in a hospital. When Tom Ryan's men go under to investigate, they are attacked and one of their men is bitten, and presumably killed by the venom. They are scared away by light and go back through the anomaly.

Series 5Edit

It was previously thought that this creature would be the "swarm" due to appear in Series 5. However, it later turned out to be Future Beetles, although they are still insects like the arachnids. But the Anurognathus from Series 1 did appear in Series 5.