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Scientific name Coelophysis bauri
Home era Late Triassic
Creature type Theropod Dinosaur
Deaths caused Stephen Hart
Appearances Episode 2.7
Fire and Water
Other References

A Coelophysis appears in Primeval.

Episode 2.7Edit

At the end of the episode, when the creatures get ready to attack Stephen, an unidentified raptor like creature appears. It is probably Coelophysis. However, it could also be the food chain to alert the predators for food time. Anyways, if it was a Coelophysis, it, Raptors, Sabre-Teeth, Scutosaurus, Scorpions, Mer Creatures, and Predators would kill Stephen.

Fire and WaterEdit

At the end of the book, two unidentified theropods appear. They are likely to be Coelophysis and Megalosaurus. They were many creatures captured by Tom Samuels. It is unknown if they survived the oil rig explosion, but the cage would have protected them.

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