Rex testing
Scientific name Coelurosauravus jaekeli
Home era Late Permian
Creature type Gliding reptile
Deaths caused 0
Appearances Episode 1.1
Episode 1.2
Episode 1.4
Episode 1.5
Episode 1.6
Episode 2.1 (flashback)
Episode 2.2
Episode 2.3 (picture)
Episode 2.4
Episode 2.5
Episode 2.6
Episode 2.7
Extinction Event (mentioned)
Episode 3.1
Fire and Water (mentioned)
Episode 3.6
Episode 3.7 (picture) (mentioned)
Episode 3.8
Episode 3.9
Episode 4.2
Episode 4.3
Episode 4.4
Episode 5.4
Possibly Series 6
Other References

Coelurosauravus is a green flying lizard that appears in Primeval.

Episode 1.1Edit

In the Forest of Dean, Ben Trent found a small lizard he named Rex. Ben shows Abby where he found Rex, and after hearing a roar, Abby runs with Rex, only for him to fly away. He is tested for being an ancient creatures, which proves correct, and is returned to his era, only to return to Abby.

Episode 1.2/Episode 1.4/Episode 1.6Edit

Rex is seen walking around in Abby's flat frequently.

Episode 1.5Edit

When Abby tells Connor to close the windows, he leaves a window open, and Rex gets into his car. He brings him to the Golf Course, and Connor lets him loose, and both are attacked by a Pteranodon, but they both survive. Abby and Connor end up finding Rex, and bring him home.

Episode 2.2Edit

Rex instantly takes a dislike to Caroline, Connors new girlfriend, and actually bites her.

Episode 2.4Edit

Caroline puts Rex in a freezer, and he nearly dies, but is warmed up and survives.

Episode 2.5Edit

After Connor dumps Caroline by text, she captures Rex.

Episode 2.6/Episode 2.7Edit

Caroline gives Leek Rex, and is part of his collection of creatures. Rex escapes when the system fails, and is shot, but brought up to saftey, and survives.

Episode 3.1Edit

Abby uses Rex as a type of alarm system to wake up Connor. And it works.

Episode 3.6Edit

While gambeling, Jack and his friends bet on the lizard. Eventually one of the friends wins Rex and starts to sell him.

Episode 3.7Edit

Rex is up for auction on the internet, but after a long battle, Connor comes to the friends house to get Rex back, and when he refuses to give Rex to him, Becker and two other soldiers show up. And then they get Rex.

Episode 3.8Edit

Rex is seen flying around Abby's flat.

Episode 3.9Edit

Abby brings Rex over to Lester's place, which is Connor's partial place, and introduces Rex to Sid and Nancy. This is the last appearance of Rex in Series 3.