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Scientific name Mammuthus columbi
Home era Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene
Creature type Mammoth
Deaths caused 2+ humans, One Future Predator
Appearances Episodoe 2.6
Episode 3.3 (mentioned)
S4 Prequel Webisode 1 (picture)
S4 Prequel Webisode 2 (mentioned)
Episode 4.2
Episode 4.4
Episode 5.4 (mentioned)
Episode 5.5
Other References

Columbian Mammoths were mammoths that roamed North America until 8,000 years ago.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 2.6Edit

A mammoth rampages the M25, killing two people. It freaks out and rampages, chasing Connor, and while Cutter tries to fix the leg of a woman to get her out, she screams and the mammoth picks up the car and throws it back down, but Cutter gets out of the car and uses elephant urine to attract it to the anomaly, but it closes and instead it becomes contained in a truck and brought to the ARC. It is then seen feeding on food that Abby is giving to it. When the Future Predator attacks Lester, he lets the mammoth free, and lets it kill the predator.

Episode 3.3Edit

Mick Harper's boss Kathrine mentions the mammoth on the M25.

Episode 4.2Edit

Abby sees the mammoth and Rex when she takes a look at the menagerie.

Episode 4.4Edit

Philip threatens to put down all of the creatures, and Abby takes a look at the mammoth. However, Philip's plan fails when Lester blackmails him, and so let's the mammoth live on in the menagerie.

Episode 5.4Edit

When a swarm of Future Beetles invade the ARC and put it into lockdown, and when Connor explains his plan to let out a gamma ray burst to kill the beetles, Abby said that the menagerie creatures, which include the mammoth, Dracorex, Sid, Nancy, Rex, possibly the Silurian Scorpion captured by Stephen in Episode 5.7 , and possibly the Spring-heeled Jack Dromaeosaurus from Episode 5.3, would be safe when it occured.

Episode 5.5Edit

During Convergence, an anomaly opens in a Motorway, bringing through a mammoth or even a herd out on a rampage, killing more people. It either was brought back to its time (unlikely) or it was brought to the Creature Prison (likely).