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Profession Palaeontology/Evolutionary Zoology Student
Organisations worked for Home Office
Anomaly Research Centre
Prospero Industries
Mission Status Active
Appearances Series 1
Series 2
Series 3
Series 4
Series 5
Actor/Actress Andrew-Lee Potts
"'We may stand on the brink of armageddon but atleast we have an annoying student on our side. How reassurring.'"
Lester's thoughts on Connor.

Connor Temple, (born 1983) is the technological brains behind the entire ARC operation, creating anomaly related gadgets and uncovering the truth about the anomalies.

He is currently the husband of Abby Maitland.


Pre-Anomalies Connor is born in around 1983, at age 8 he stays behind in a museum to see if the exhibits come to life at night, he only manages to get locked in the toilet for three hours.

Connor Temple is one of Nick Cutter’s paleontology students at the Central Metropoliton[1]University. He is geeky by nature – he spent "every spare moment since he was ten" compiling a database of prehistoric creatures and writes software programmes to relax. At one point he had a crush on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. His favourite food is pizza. After watching Scooby Doo as a kid he decided he wanted to join a crime busting gang. Years later his dream came true – sort of.

He loves conspiracy theories and harbours an ambition to be abducted by aliens. In Connor’s world UFOs are real; it’s just that governments have hidden the evidence. He has a girlfriend, well, more of a penpal, but all thoughts of her are forgotten upon meeting Abby. Connor has a close friendship with his college mates, Tom and Duncan. They played video games, watched Sci-Fi shows and ate pizza.

Episode 1.1Edit

"Stephan: So what about you?'"
Connor: You, mighty hunter. Me, I'm more logistics and... backup.[src]

Connor was first seen approaching his professor at the University with an article about a mysterious sighting of a creature. Despite the initial skepticism he encountered, he inadvertantly convinced Cutter to go when he mentioned the sighting was near the Forest of Dean. When investigating an attack on a truck, Cutter's lab assistant Stephen Hart mentioned that Cutter's wife Helen had disappeared withou a trace in the forest eight years earlier. While Cutter was taking a break at a hotel bar, Connor showed Stephen the database of prehistoric creatures on his laptop, which he had been building for years and Stephen noted was slightly sad. Cutter returned with Claudia Brown, a Home Office official Cutter had just met and invited along, and Connor assumed she was there to make a cover-up. The group was surprised to find a dead cow in a tree, and Connor showed Cutter that the compass they were using was going haywire. Later they came across a dinosaur-like creature in the forest, as well as Abby Maitland, a Wellington Zoo keeper. Connor took a picture of the creature, but Claudia deleted it. He stayed with Stephen to kee an eye on the creature while the others went to sort things out with another creature Abby had taken from a local boy. Upon their return they scared the larger creature to see where it would think it was safe, and discovered a hole in time which Cutter called an Anomaly.

Connor discovered it was highly magnetic, and while messing around lost his front door keys. As the first creature they encountered was a herbivorous Scutosaurus, that left the predator that had killed the cow still around, so he and Stephen tried to track it. He asked for Stephen's thoughts on Abby, having picked up something between them. Discovering its footprints, Connor was able to narrow it down as a Gorgonopsid, and warned Stephen to be careful before he returned to the Anomaly site. He watched as Cutter and a Tom Ryan went through to return the Coelurosauravus and explore, and when his pen wasn't taken by the magnetic field realised it was getting weaker. The pair returned though, and Connor asked what it was like, only for the Gorgonopsid to attack. The creature was killed by Stephen, and Connor and the others went to the Home Office where Cutter announced his suspicions to Claudia's superior James Lester that the incident was't over, and left with him.

Episode 1.2Edit

Connor was elated to be able to know such a big secret, and tried to tell his friends Tom and Duncan, but they didn't believe him. He decided to look on a 'wierd sightings forum' for incidents like the Anomaly, and found one. He went to Abby's flat to ask for her help, and saw that she had kept Rex after he had come back through the Anomaly, but agreed to keep her secret. The pair went to a nearby forest, where Abby asked if Stephen had mentioned her, to Connor's disappointment, and replied that he thought Stephen was gay. While keeping watch during the night, they were attacked by a dinosaur, only for it to be revealed a fake made by Tom and Duncan who fled as the police arrived. Cutter, who had learned of what the pair were up to, wasn't happy with Connor for blabbing about the Anomaly and creatures, and told him to go back to studying and leave the situation to the rest of them. But later, Claudia called Connor and told him they needed his help with a new Anomaly discovered in the London Underground. Connor identified a creature they were having problems with as an Arthropleura, as Cutter returned with Stephen, who had been poisoned by the giant centipede. In order to find an anti-venom to cure Stephen, the team searched for the creature and Connor pointed out it might be a burrower, and found its tunnel. He offered to help Cutter get the venom, and asked Abby to bury his Top Trumps with him if he died. After the venom was obtained he fought against the creature with a metal stool, which got caught in its mandibles and conducted electricity from a generator, killing the creature. He seemed to accept Abby's feelings for Stephen and asked Cutter if he was back in. Cutter confirmed he was, and Connor noted he'd always wanted to be in a crime-busting-gang of sorts, and asked if her could have a nickname, but was denied.

Episode 1.3Edit

Connor was showing via a webcam that the London Underground Anomaly was still magnetic, and Lester wasn't impressed with having a student in side. He visited Stephen as he was leaving the hospital, taking the mickey out of Abby's girly clothes to impress Stephen, only to learn that he had a girlfriend, so he told Abby she looked nice to make her feel better. He took water samples from a swimming pool where a creature had killed a lifeguard, before they set off to a resovoir where the remains of the body had turned up. Connor measured the water depth and told Cutter it was flowing out, most likely through the Anomaly. While taking more water samples he told Abby he could do the action stuff as well as Cutter ad Stephen, and saved her when a Mosasaur attacked them, fending it off with a paddle and returning her hug of appreciation, even if for a little too long. While researching the Mosasaur, Tom and Duncan tried to get back into Connor's good books but he still wasn't happy with them. When the Anomaly reopened in a woman's basement, Connor was present as it was revealed to everyone that Helen was alive and had been transversing the Anomalies for eight years, a fact which surprised Connor. He looked over maps of the drains and was worried that a creature might go through one. When Cutter returned from the Anomaly after an attempt to convince Helen to come back, Connor was with Cutter as they watched Captain Ryan's men place Helen in a car before she was taken to the Home Office.

Episode 1.4Edit

A new creature attack was reported, bt it turned out to be an illegally imported snake. While containing it, he asked if he could move into Abby's flat for a while because he was haing problems with his own. Tom and Duncan gave him a lift to the flat, unaware that they had slipped a tracking device in the form of a keyring onto his bag in an attempt to find out why he was being so secretive. He blackmailed Abby into kissing him so that his friends would assume they were together, and began settling into the flat, taking off some of his clothes to avoid the heat Rex needed. This made it awkward when Stephen came to tell them that Helen was talking and was going to lead them to a new Anomaly. Helen escaped through the Anomaly into what Connor called the Spaghetti Junction of Anomalies. Then Dodos started coming through the Anomaly, and while helping round them up, one swallowed the keyring with the tracking device, and it was caught by Tom and Duncan. Before the team left the stadium, Connor noted the Anomaly was getting weaker. Duncan came to Connor after Tom had begun acting strangely following been infected by a parasite in the Dodo. Connor called the others who began searching for Tom so that they could prevent him spreading the parasite. Connor and Duncan were asked by Cutter and Stephen what Tom would do and learnt of the tracking device inside the Dodo. Following its signal back to the stadium, they found Tom had kidnapped Abby to try and learn the truth, and managed to calm his friend down before he bit her. As his friend began to die, Connor told Tom what he wanted to hear, that the whole thing was a conspiracy. Once he was dead, Connor decided he didn't want to be involved anymore but Cutter convinced him to stay.

Episode 1.5Edit

Connor was playing video games in Abby's flat when she left for yoga, but soon Cutter called and said there was a new creature attack, so he hurried to leave and left a window open which Rex escaped through (which Abby had warned him about earlier) and unknowingly took him to the Golf Course. When he realised what he'd done, he tried to recatch Rex before the others spotted him and tried to warn him of the Pteranodon coming for him. He and Rex ran and escaped death, but Rex fled into the forest. Abby was furious with Connor and demanded he help find the creature. When they did they were attacked by a swarm of smaller pterosaurs, which had killed a golfer and attacked the club house Cutter and Claudia were in. Afterwards, he offered to move out of the flat, but Abby had gotten used to having him around and said he could stay on a few conditions. He watched as the Pteranodon returned home through the Anomaly.

Episode 1.6Edit

Abby was teachng Connor how to chat up girls at a bar in her flat when she was called away to a zoo emergency at the exact moment Connor tried to kiss her and tell her his feelings for her. He went with her and learnt of a lion's disappearance, and spotted blood, which he took a sample of to be tested, as they suspected a creature might have come through the recently reopened Forest of Dean Anomaly. Tests said it came from a bat, but Abby dismissed it as bats got around everywhere in the zoo. Meanwhile the others had met up ith Helen, who explained that a Future Predatory Bat was on the loose in the present, and when Stephen told him, Connor mentioned Abby's (now missing) boss and the lion, which led him to realise the creature was in that area. When preparing to hunt down and kill it, the team was attacked and were unable to fight back. While trying to figure out a weakness, Connor realised it has ecolocation, and deduced it was a future bat because of the bats blood in the lion enclosure. Connor went off to collect an osciloscope they could use to detect the creature, but was attacked himself, but was rescued by Abby and Stephen. After decided to stay on site and thanking Abby, he helped locate the creature's lair and sicovered it had given birth, which Connor thought were cute. The creature attacked, but was killed by Cutter. After a decision was made to find the future Anomaly in the Permian to prevent more coming through, Connor watched as Cutter, Ryan and Helen departed after Claudia kissed Cutter in front of everyone. He got a call from the lab with autopsy on the Future Predator confirming it was a male and that the mother must be out there still, but didn't see it go through the Anomaly. Cutter and Helen returned, as all the others were dead and Connor watched as it was revealed Stephen had once had an affair with Helen, who went back through the Anomaly. Cutter asked where Claudia was, but Connor and none of the others had a clue who he was talking about, leading Cutter to realise that the timelne had changed.

Episode 2.1Edit

The team returned to the Anomaly Research Centre , which to everyone except Cutter had existed prior to the change. Connor watches as Cutter struggles to accept the changes and lies about knowing Oliver Leek, Claudia's replacement in the new timeline. Connor confronted Cutter as they headed off to a new creature sighting, and had seen that he'd had no idea who Leek was. Despite some doubts, he believes Cutter about the change in the timeline and asked if he'd changed, but Cutter said some things never change, although Connor didn't know if that was good or bad. He complained about not been allowed to use a gun as they entered the Mall. As they searched for the Anomaly Connor borrowed money from Abby to pay for a slushi, but a Dromaeosaurus was only metres away from him. Connor fled and threw the slushi at the raptor to distract it as he slid under the closing door. The team soon ancountered a Cleaner and Conor and Abby escourted him to the locker room, which Connor insisted on checking using the gun. Despite his search a baby raptor attacked the Cleaner from the locker and cut his throat, and Connor tried to shoot it with the tranquillizer but instead shot Abby in the leg. On his second attempt he managed to get the baby raptor and took Abby to Cutter and Stephen, who had brought down an adult rapor, and though he showed Cutter where the Cleaner had been he'd vanished. During a trap intended to lure the second adult out, Abby woke up and distracted it, and she and Connor prepared to fend it off with pool cues, but it ran off. Cutter and Stephen confronted it but were defenceless, however Connor arrived and kept them from being killed by shooting it. Cutter then showed Connor that there was interference on a radio frequency which he suspected was being caused by the Anomaly. Connor realised they could track Anomalies using this discovery, and once the Anomaly closed he and Cutter started making preperations to create an Anomaly detector. At the ARC the team were introduced to Jenny Lewis, and Connor watched as Cutter made the assumption she was Claudia Brown.

Episode 2.2Edit

Connor convinced Cutter to forget about Claudia Brown until they could figure out what was going on. While he and Abby were in a DVD store, she left him to pick one, and then he met Caroline Steel. After an awkward conversation in which Connor couldn't tell she was flirting with him, he learnt she had an interest in sci-fi films and invited her to Abby's flat. However Cutter called and he was forced to leave, but Caroline wrote her mobile number on his wrist and asked him to call her. Because of a dense fog coming out of the Anomaly, Abby and Connor went to pick up leaf-blowers to aid them. As they left the ARC Connor recognised the Cleaner, but he just said he worked as a soldier and had seen him around. Despite telling Abby, she didn't recognise him. Later while rescuing some people get out of the office building, Connor is nearly eaten by a giant worm, but fortunately Cutter cut its head off. Connor was covered in slime, and while cleaning up he accidentally wiped Caroline's number off his hand. As he and Abby went to turn on the temperature controls to push the fog out of the building, he annoys Abby trying to recite it. They successfully activated the building's central heating, and went home, but Caroline came back to Abby's flat looking for her mobile. Connor ask Caroline on a date and she says yes.

Episode 2.3Edit

Despite organising another date with her, Connor had to present his new Anomaly Detection Device to the others and explain how it works. However Leek thinks it useless when it fails to detect an Anomaly after a creature kills a paintballer at an amusement park. While Cutter, Stephen and Abby searched for the creature, and Connor was left alone to guard the amusment park. While texting Caroline the guests screamed and Connor saw what looked like the creature. Taking a large rifle fom the guns case, he shoots the cat, but it was really a man in a lion suit and had nearly killed him. Connor was reprimanded, and while searching for the real creature at night he was forced to stay close to Abby since she was allowed a gun. However the creature killed the park manager at a nearby train station, and using a photogeraphers picture, Connor managed to identify it as a Smilodon. Upon the discovery of a burried body likely to have been killed by the big cat, Connor realised the Smildon had been around for some time, so the Detector couldn't have detected it. Once the creature is dealt with at the expense of a woman hiding it, Connor rechecks the ADD and it picks up a signal, and Connor sees that becase it isn't a demo, it has detected a real Anomaly. Connor wasn't happy with the timing since he had arranged another date with Caroline.

Episode 2.4Edit

"Abby: Just let me go.'"
Connor: I can't. I love you.[src]

Caroline later made a meal for them, but Cutter called Abby and told them there was a new Anomaly. Abby wasn't hapy that Caroline kept coming to her flat, and Connor got angry that she had no faith in him. While searching he canal for a creature, Connor and Abby argued over methods and this resulted in Jenny falling in and getting attacked by a Future Shark. Connor and Abby retrned home to find Caroline still there, but Abby discovered a frozen Rex in the freezer. Abby sent Caroline away, and the next day while searching the canal again, Connor insisted it was an accident and while talking with Cutter about a man who had attacked him, Cutter mentioned it was the Cleaner. Connor said he'd seen him around as well, and they suspected they were being watched. He and Abby argued again, but when Abby was taken by a Mer-Creature, he was desperate to find her. However the search was called off and despite Connor's insistance they keep trying, Lester sent him away so that he could calm down. Though furious at Cutter for not getting help sooner, he agreed to help

when they discovered a possible lead to the creatures' location. They discovered the Anomaly had reopened and a missing boy who was still alive, who also mentioned that Abby had just been dragged down a pipe. Connor went after her and spotted her still alive, and said she was safe now. However the MerQueen knocked him in to the water and took Abby through the Anomaly. Connor followed them through the Anomaly and arived in a Future Beach. He soon spotted Abby on a ledge below and tried to pull her up, but started slipping over the edge. Abby insisted he let her go, but he said he couldn't and that he loved her, and then Cutter arrived and helped them both up before he and Stepehn killed the Mer-Queen. When he and Abby returned to the flat, he acted like he hadn't said anything but before he could admit the truth Caroline arrived for their date and he left behind a confused Abby.

Shadow of the JaguarEdit

The Lost IslandEdit

Connor is working on the Detector without telling Cutter and Lester, attempting to boost it. When it picks up several anomalies on Guns Island the team head to Ireland to prepare to head there by boat. The journey makes Connor seasick, and witnesses a Liopleurodon nearby. The morning after landing on the island he spots a dying Iguanodon but it is dying from the cold and is put down. When the team head to a base on the island they are attacked by Eotyrannus, and Connor makes it to the base. While in there they find an anomaly to the Cretaceous, and hoping to escape the predators they go through. While searching for another anomaly to get back to the island, Connor is part of a search party and uses the dying handheld detector to locate one. Surviving the Raptor attack he and the others make it back.

Episode 2.5Edit

Later after asking Stephen for advice about what to do, he decides to tell Abby how he feels and to dump Caroline. After dumping Caroline by Text despite Abby's warnings about how humiliating it was, Caroline not taking it too well after recieving the text, kidnaps Rex. While Cutter and Stephen were trapped in the Silurian after the anomaly had closed, a reluctant Lester named him the new team leader along with Abby, but fotunately both returned with the girl they had gone to save by coming through a new anomaly.

Episode 2.6Edit

Connor has supreme computer abilities and managed to hack into the records of Leek, he also accidently admitted to Abby he had been looking at her personal file. This happened as she asked him what her middle name was, and idiotically he said, straight away, Sarah. He was right of-course but made a complete clown of himself by doing so. He was scared when a bomb was found in the ARC and he and Cutter had to deactivate it. It was a close shave, as he was under the white van counting the timer down out loud for Cutter, while Cutter was trying to remove the battery out of the front bonet. He later used the Anomaly Detector to trace Caroline's mobile, and upon arriving at the location, he, Cutter, Jenny and Abby were apprehended by Leek and his men.

Episode 2.7Edit

When held in a cell with Abby, Leek took Caroline in there and, after Abby told him when he couldn't figure it out, learned she was his spy. Connor attempted to stop the fight between the girls, initially getting hit by Abby accidentally, but then he managed to stop them by restraining Abby, and despite Caroline's thanks, he said he didn't do it for her. When they were locked up with Caroline, she was clearly sympathetic when she realised she hadn't known what was going on. Afterwards they were placed in an arena with Jenny and were faced with a Smilodon. While trying to find a way out they found the escaped Rex, and Connor followed Rex to a ventilation shaft and allowed the girls to get out first and Caroline to carry the wounded Rex out when he realised she was truly sorry for what she had done. Later, at Stephen's funeral, he and Abby make their peace with Caroline, and when they headed off to another Anomaly, he was given a gun as a sign that he could now be trusted with them.

Extinction EventEdit

Connor noticed that the anomalies were begining to become more eratic in their behavior, and he and Cutter attempted to find out why. He was later kidnapped by Russians, along with Cutter and Abby. When they realise the Russians have their own Anomaly problem Connor builds a crude Anomaly Detector to track it. When a Torosaurus attacks the jeeps, Connor gets injured and his improvised Anomaly Detector is damaged. He spend most of the rest of the mission being taken care by a doctor. He sends a message to the ARC to tell the where they are, and when he learns the asteroid that causes the K-T Extinction is going to happen while the Anomaly is open he hacks into the Russian Military computers and uses a prototype weapon to close the Anomaly. He is sent back to England at the end.

Episode 3.1Edit

Connor appears to have matured significantly since series two although he does still retain his humour. He was sleeping when Cutter called about a new anomaly, and Abby poured Rex's food on him to wake him up. Arriving at the British Museum, they were introduced to Becker and while searching the museum he told Abby that when he was young he'd once tried staying behind to see if the exhibits would come to life, but getting locked in the toilet made him afraid of museums ever since. While the others went after the crocodile that had escaped anomaly in the Sun Cage, he and the Egyptologist Sarah Page made some new discoveries about the anomalies, including locking it with electricity and the moving it with magnetite. When the ancient crocodile came back he climbed up the barricade he'd set up around the anomaly and was at the creature's mercy before it went through. After the anomaly closed, he thought the curse was over, a joke of Sarah's after he accidentally broke a piece of the Sun Cage and saying it was cursed, showing he still has some maturity issues. He showed Sarah around the ARC and added his input when Cutter realised the anomalies may be linked to mythological beasts.

Episode 3.2Edit

When Cutter made a prediction with his new matrix, he, Abby and Jenny were sent to an abandoned house to see if an anomaly would open. Abby pretended to be in danger and he went to rescue her but she ambushed him and kissed him on the check for putting himself in harm's way for her. As they were leaving they ran into detective Danny Quinn, who assumed they were murder tourists and told them to stay away, Connor trying to be nice and saying the police do a good job but this fell on deaf ears. He and Jenny go to find out what happened to the house and learn from a real estate agent that two kids went missing out of the three that went in fourteen years earlier. Tracking down the third they learnt a creature had attacked him and that an anomaly had been unstairs. While Jenny takes Abby to get a check up after being ambushed by a Camouflage Beast and falling down the stairs, he goes inside to get his mobile, which he accidentally dropped after Abby's joke, only to get arrested by Danny. While in a cell he tried to get his phone call and refused to tell Danny why the government was interested in the house. After being sprung by Jenny they learn Ryan went inside the house and so did Abby. After Danny shoots the creature through the reopened anomaly Connor tells Cutter he was right.

Episode 3.3Edit

He was working on a device to lock the anomalies when Cutter and Lester came to look, and had to assure them it would work despite their doubts. During an incursion at a hospital, he helps Becker catch a Diictodon and when Abby reveals another after their anomaly closed, Connor suggests they keep the pair. When they returned to the ARC, Helen had taken over with her Cleaner Clone, and saw that Cutter had a clone of his own. After Becker knocked out their guard he went with him to upload a file to the ARC's speaker system containing a false version of Helen's orders so her Clones would stand down, but were forced to fight one of the clones to get it working. After the bomb goes off, he heads outside, but after Cutter hadn't come back out he went back inside to try find him. However upon finding him, he had been shot and mortally wounded by Helen. Connor tried to take him outside for help but Cutter was in too much pain so he stayed with him. Before Cutter died he gave Connor the Artefact Helen had with her and told him to figure out why it was important. Cutter leaned on his shoulder and died. He takes Cutter's body outside and promises not to let him down, and held a crying Abby in his arms to comfort her as he himself wept.

Episode 3.4Edit

Following Cutter's death, he works to repair the detector and finish his Anomaly Locking Mechanism. Picking up Abby's phone, he learns that she is hanging out with someone named Jack and becomes worried that she may have someone else in her life. After being imprisoned in an airport hanger by journalist Mick Harper they are rescued by Danny, and then Connor tries to use his locking mechanism, only to get shocked. While Jenny and Becker chase after the Giganotosaur that came through the anomaly he manages to lock it and then helps distract the 'g-rex' by using a luggage trolley, but he banged his head when he stopped it, and while trying to walk back to the others he collapsed and got pinned down by the G-rex but is again rescued by Danny in a helicopter. After unlocking the anomaly to allow it back through he and Jenny note that Cutter would have been proud of them. Connor returns to the flat to find Jack, but before he can make any assumptions Abby explains that Jack is her "baby" brother, much to his relief, but she needs Connor to move out for a while and take his Diictodons, now named Sid and Nancy, with him until Jack can find somewhere else to stay.

Episode 3.5Edit

Connor, who is staying in the ARC with Sid and Nancy, chases after the escaped Sid, and discovers the detector cable has been chewed through, meaning the team missed an anomaly. After gaining a fungus sample from the apartment where the anomolay was detected, Connor realises it is highly contagious and after one of Christine Johnson's men touches it, goes in with Danny in hazmat suits to check to see if he's alive, only to be attacked by the fungus host. Despite initial thoughts of being able to burn the creature, Connor discovers it will only cause it to spread and is forced to endure freezing temperatures while trying other methods to kill it. At the end, Lester, who is displeased with Connor's breach of health and safety guidlines, allows him to stay with him until he can find somehwere else.

Episode 3.6Edit

Connor and Sarah discover the artefact is a key to predicting anomalies, but before they can repeat the process they are forced to take it and escape from the ARC with Danny and Abby when Johnson takes over to search for the artefact. When they are attacked by a Terror bird, Connor drives the car, but is knocked out when he drives into a fallen tree, Abby is reluctant to leave him unconsious but Danny promises to look after him. Then Danny uses him as bait so as to be able to trap the creature and when the house was attacked by a flock of them, he again used himelf as bait so Danny could get the bunker where the anomaly was and return the creatures to there rightful time.

Episode 3.7Edit

After realising Rex is up for sale on the internet, he confronts Jack and learns that he lost him in a poker game and demands he get the lizard back before Abby finds out. When Abby was helping the injured Dracorex, he gave her a hand, though he expected it to just be for comfort. When the knight William de Monay threatened to kill Abby as well as the 'dragon', he was prepared to allow Becker to shoot him to keep Abby safe. After learning Jack doesn't have the money to get Rex back, he takes Becker and his soldiers to the house Rex is at and forces the boy to give him back.

Episode 3.8Edit

When he finds Sarah setting up the locking mechanism, he's jealous because he though only he could work it. After going into the Future to rescue Jack, he tries to convince Abby that it would be smarter to get more help, but she angrilly assumes he's always hated Jack and wants him dead. After returning to the present Jack tells Abby about how he helped get Rex back, and when Abby asks why he helped, Connor replies that he knew it would only get Jack in trouble. Abby then reveals her feelings for him, and they kiss.

Episode 3.9Edit

When Abby brings Rex over to play with Sid and Nancy, they talk about how they don't want any wierd feelings between them, though Connor does act strangely. At the anomaly site he uses a racing cart to keep the bull Embolotherium away while Abby and Sarah rescue a baby from inside a tent to prevent the females from getting nervous. However before he can get to the anomaly it closes and the pursuing bull causes the rest of the herd that were left behind to stampede toward a campsite. After the mysterious woman with Danny named Eve used a bizzare device to open and close a new anomaly, he and Sarah look over her notebook and find the name Claudia Brown, despite the fact only two people know of that name; Cutter and Helen. When Eve reveals herself to be Helen, she demands the artefact from them, and Connor asks how she could kill her own husband rather than why the artefact is important.

Episode 3.10Edit

Danny, Abby and Connor go back to the Future to stop Helen. After she escapes through an Anomaly she opens with her Anomaly Opening Device Connor manages to work out what Helen is up to and (using an older device than the one Helen used) gets a new Anomaly to open to the Cretaceous using an advanced computer.

As Connor is listing the predators they have to worry about, he spots three Dromaeosaurus which chase them until the trio climb a tree. Danny throws a stun grenade down to knock out the Dromaeosaurus but Connor falls out of the tree and gets injured. Abby demands that she stay with him and Danny go after Helen to catch up with her in the Cretaceous. After regaining consiousness, Connor and Abby climbed to the safety of a tree. Connor and Abby's future is left unknown as they are trapped in the Cretaceous era.

Episode 4.1Edit

Connor and Abby have been living in the Cretaceous for a year and have built a den near to the Anomaly they came through. Connor goes fishing and runs into a Spinosaurus who chases him back to Abby and the den. They hide in the den, and later the Spinosaurus goes away, but Abby realizes that now it knows that they are there it will come back to look for them. Leaving from the den they run into a Raptor who ends up taking Abby’s blanket, and she start chasing the Raptor with Connor following them. They find the Raptors bower and as Connor steals back the blanket he finds Helen's Anomaly Opening Device. They use it to open an Anomaly to the present but as they do the Spinosaurus comes back. Abby lures the Raptor from earlier with her blanket, which attacks the Spinosaurus. In the commotion Abby and Connor go through the Anomaly. As they come through the new ARC team arrives and lock the Anomaly then they are greeted by Becker. But showing off Connor tries to close the anomaly but instead unlocks it, letting the Spinosaurus through. Matt Anderson (the new ARC team leader) and Becker give chase telling Abby and Connor to stay were they are and wait for an escort back to the ARC. Instead they steal a car and chase the Spinosaurus, they are contacted by Jess who tells them to lure the Spinosaurus into a nearby Arena. They do this, and Connor tries to open another Anomaly to send the Spinosaurus back. It prepares to attack him but Becker stuns it. and Abby plays music from the stereo to distract it. Matt comes to the rescue by lowering himself down from the roof with a harness and grabbing him, as Connor now suspended in the air holding onto Matt keeps trying to open an anomaly he accidently drops the device into the Spinosaurus’s mouth, causing it to implode from the inside as an Anomaly. When Connor and Abby get back to the new ARC he tries to hug Lester, but is rebuffed, and is thrilled to meet Philip Burton. He and Abby are told their old jobs are no longe needed, and are told they can stay in a company apartment until they find somewhere to live and something out of the firing line can be found for them. The next morning Connor wakes to find Abby is not in bed so he gets out of bed and finds her on the terrace saying she still felt like someone had to keep watch at night as they did in the Cretaceous. They then passionately kiss showing they are now in a relationship.

With the deaths of Nick and Helen, Connor arguably knows the most about anomalies, as noted by Gideon.

Episode 4.2Edit

Connor is interviewed by Matt and says he doesn't want to give up the burden Cutter set on him. He is fired from the ARC, despite Abby getting a low-ranking job looking after the creatures in the ARC's menagerie. Lester tells him he'll try to do something for him, but asks him to keep a low profile. He is left out in the cold, and Jess offers for him and Abby to stay at her flat until they find somewhere else. While searching for new apartments on the net, he decided to look up creature sightings and found that his old friend Duncan had a creature sightings website, and decided to visit him. After an awkward reunion, Connor saw that Duncan was obsessed with creature sightings, and he has even made a map of all the sightings recordede in Britain. He tells Connor that a creature has been reported near the docks, and Connor reluctantly agrees to investigate. They find the mauled body of a builder, and Connor called Abby to ask if there was an Anomaly alert, but there wasn't one so he asked Abby to come confirm if it was a creature attack. Confirming it was, they tried to stop more builders from setting the building alight before the enraged Kaprosuchus attacked. Matt rescued the group and they proceeded to capture it with Becker's help. However the creature wakes up from its unconscious state, and rattles the container it is in violently and the beast escapes and runs off in search of the fleeing Duncan. Connor, scared of losing another friend, chases him into the maze of containers. He frantically pulls out the walke-talkie Duncan gace him, and talks to a scared Duncan. He puts him in a container to keep him safe, but after the creature devours one of Beckers men, it sets its eyes on Connor and after a brief chase, Connor encounters the team, who give him an EMD, and force the creature towards Becker, but are forced to kill the creature when it nearly kills him. Connor shares his goodbyes with Duncan, and has a amusing chat about Abby and his relationship, before heading back to the ARC. Lester isn't happy about Connor not keeping a low profile like he asked, but Connor says he will never stop doing the ARC's work. But Connor had already been put back in the team when Matt and Lester persuaded Burton to let him back on, and jokingly asked for a raise too. He and Abby tried to relax at Jess' flat after the incident, but she had many questions about the old ARC and team, particularly Becker.

Episode 4.3Edit

Philip asked Connor to remain behind at the ARC when a new Anomaly was detected, asking for his help with his new security system, and Connor reluctantly agreed. Connor was told it scans the ARC for creature activity in case one from the menagerie escaped, and Connor thought it was something a technician could do, but did it anyway. Once finished he was told to start the scan, but Philip ordered him to stop as Rex had escaped and was in the same room as him, but was too late to prevent the ARC going into lockdown mode. Jess told him what the lockdown entailed, and Connor thought Philip was an idiot for not explaining the whole system to him, only for him to overhear on the intercom. Philip was trapped in a room with the oxygen being sucked out to kill Rex, and before he passed out attempted to tell Connor of Project New Dawn. Connor attempted to hack past

the heavily updated system he had built for the original ARC before remembering he had built a back door, but couldn't remember the password. Realising it would be something important to him, he remembered it was ABBY TEMPLE, and the lockdown ended. While medics attended to the unconscious Philip, Connor resusitated Rex. Afterwards, Philip thanked him and told Connor to keep Rex away from him in the future. He asked if Philip was going to tell him what New Dawn was, but Philip said it could wait for another time.

Episode 4.4Edit

Connor asked Abby about what Matt was doing with Emily Merchant, a Victorian era woman who had come through the last Anomaly. Philip was beginning to show an interest in the creatures, and Connor assumed this was good, while Abby called him a groupie for Philip, though Connor said he was like one. However, Philip had instead decided to have the creatures being contained put down due to the inconvenience and supposed cruelty of allowing them to live in a world they didn't understand, brought on by his experience, and asked Connor for his thoughts, but didn't reply. A new Anomaly was detected, and Abby decided to stay behind, and Connor, Becker and Matt arrived at the McKinnon School. Connor wondered why all schools smelled like spot cream and misery, and asked Matt about his school days, but Matt was reluctant to talk about himself. A creature incursion was found, but Connor was blocked off from the others when the door security locks were activated. Connor opted to fix the problem on the server, and soon went to find two boys who were in the school. Connor saw them in another part of the building, and attempted to warn them of the Therocephalian heading towards them before they fled. He caught up to them and Matt told him to get them out. However Becker and Matt weren't faring well against the large number of creatures, so Connor and the boys made gas bombs in the science lab that put all the creatures to sleep, except for one which Connor shot with his EMD. After returning to the ARC he heard that Philip had changed his mind about the creatures, and Abby scornfully told him that it was changed for him without his help, and she ignored Connor's protests.

Episode 4.5Edit

Philip was trying to recruit Connor into his own team studying the anomalies, however Connor was reluctant to decide without talking to Abby first. The ADD picked up a new anomaly, but its signal was fluctuating, something Connor had never seen before so he Abby and Matt went to investigate. After an awkward moment in the local bar of the seaside village, Connor and Abby try to locate the anomaly. They find slime near a farm, but the owner catches them snooping. When she demands to know what they're doing, Connor tells her the truth knowing she won't believe him, but they manage to escape. Matt reports finding a body near the river, and though Connor and Abby are too late to see the creature, he agrees with Matt's description of it being a Labyrinthodont. Matt leaves to help Emily, while Philip somehow managed to loock onto the Anomaly's exact loocation. Despite Lester's orders to go after the creature he agrees with Philip that the fluctuating anomaly signal could prove vital in their research, and went to go find it and warned Abby to wait for backup while she dealt with the creature.Locating it in a seaside cave, Connor found the remnants of a fuel-smuggling operation in the seaside cave, and saw that there was a metallic substance near the anomaly in the cave, and he and Philip realised that acid created by the dumped fuel was causing the anomaly to become weakened. He discovered another Labyrinthodont being hurt by the acid, but before he could do anything he was attacked by the farmers. He tried to convince them to let him go, but the larger creature arrived and killed both of them. Connor was told that Abby's Black Box signal was in front of him, but all he saw was the creature.

Assuming she was dead he attacked it, but the still alive Abby arrived and distracted it while Connor diluted the acid with more petrol, which allowed the anomaly to open properly and allow the creatures back through. Connor was relieved Abby was still alive and kissed her. When Connor arrived back at the ARC, he told Philip he didn't want to abandon the others and would work for Philip in his spare time, and was told that their work must remain secret, making it clear that even Abby wasn't aloud to know what he is doing.

Episode 4.6Edit

Connor went with the others to the Stately Home where a new anomaly was detected, and while searching the basement asked Matt about what would happen to Emily. Abby was annoyed by his questions by he shot a Hyaenodon with his EMD, saving her life. He soon encountered Jenny Lewis, who was getting married the next day, and both equally shocked to see each other. Jenny began fretting about there being an anomaly and telling her fiancee, and it decided that the team would stay to ensure nothing happened. Connor noted that Jenny seemed happier and agreed that he'd worked with Jenny on a team-building paintballing PR project when meeting Michael. Connor blurted out that he thought he and Abby should get married there (theoretically), and Jenny told him he needed to propose before planning the wedding. He later tried to talk to Abby about what he'd said but was distracted by a cry from the basement. Finding two Hyaenodon pups in the wine cellar, he tried to call the others and was trapped in the cellar by the adult. He used wine to distract the pups as he trapped them in a box and attempted to escape. Spotting another pup outside he popped a wine cork into its side, with the adult Hyaenodon leaving to respond to its cries. Connor sent the trapped pups through the unlocked anomaly and attempted to get the third through too, only to hear the growl of more adults on the other side. He rushed to warn the people at the just-begun wedding, but they only saw the pup and didn't believe him before two adults burst in. Once all the creatures were returned, Connor held the laptop Lester was using video link on to get Jenny and Michael married.

Eye StrainEdit

Abby, Connor and Matt attempt to coax a pterosaur back through an anomaly on London's South Bank.

Picture This!Edit

Abby and Connor split up as Becker and Jess split up to get a T-Rex back through the anomaly.

Episode 4.7Edit

Connor's new lab was completed and showed it off to Abby, introducing her to the Anomaly Dating Calculator he had made. As they left to deal with a new Anomaly he told Philip the anomalies were getting more frequent, and was told that his new lab was part of Prospero and off limits to everyone else. At the prison, Connor awaited results from his Calculator, eventually arriving at 1867. However the anomaly unlocked itself and despite Connor's insistance there wasn't any danger from the Victorian era he re-locked it. But it unlocked again and a Terror Bird attacked. After returning it, Connor realised his Calculator didn't work and tried to see if the Locking Mechanism was malfunctioning and asked for another to be sent down. Soon Danny came through the anomaly and the team shared a happy reunion. Ethan Dobrowski then arrived and while Matt and Becker dealt with him, Connor, Abby and Danny went after the Terror Bird again. When it was returned he was present as it was revealed Ethan was Danny's missing brother Patrick. He stayed at the prison and tried to lock the Anomaly with a new unit, but it also failed as more satellite Anomalies opened. Connor tried using both Locking Mechanisms at the same time and learned it was in fact two that had opened on the exact same spot. As the odds were tiny, Connor asked Jess to pull the data of all the anomalies that they had ever encountered and began doing projections and came to realise something. Rushing to tell Philip, he told him that they were heading for a catastrophe, with tens of thousands of anomalies likely to open at once with unknown consequences. Philip assured Connor they would take care of it, asking him to keep quiet about it for the time being. he was then invited into Philip's car, as they had much to discuss.

Episode 5.1Edit

Sometime upon returning to the ARC, Connor continued to work on his convergance theory as Abby brought him a coffee. Philip arrived and told Connor that his work on the anomaly convergence is a waste of time, and took Connor to see a top secret Prospero project. At another facility, Philip showed Connor a large machine, explaining that it was designed to get sustainable energy from the anomalies, solving all of humanity's problems. Philip assigned Connor an assitant named April Leonard, who complimented his genius. But when a group of vicious burrowing insect from the future come through an anomaly, Connor, along with Abby, Matt, and Becker, went to take care of the situation. After creating a 3D map showing the creature's tunnel to locate its nest, Connor was attacked by one of the burrowing creatures which the others had attempted to lure. He was then taken underground. The rest of the team decide to locate the nest, and after a while Connor reported he was still alive, the other's guns had slowly killed it. As he tried to leave the building, Connor found it was full of the sleeping creature, and organised a plan to kill the burrowing insects. He activated the gas line, but fell unconcious. Matt rescued him as Becker blew up the flammable building, hiding in a downstairs dumpster. Upon returning to the ARC, Jess reported that April was in his lab, and offered to introduce Abby to her, but she declined. April insisted he not take Philip's data home, and agreed to get back to work when he had recovered.

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Primeval: New WorldEdit

The New WorldEdit

Connor Temple comes over to Vancouver and breaks into The Tank. He used a Hacking Device to get into it. He pulled out an Anomaly Detector Finder and found an anomaly detector in the frame of a picture of Brooke Cross. He then encountered Ange Finch, but never gave his name.

He then gave a warning to Evan Cross, telling him he can only bring the creatures back to the anomaly, and that's it. He then walked away, with Cross asking him for more, but Connor says it "it will have to be".

The Sound of Thunder (Part 2)Edit

A few years in the future, Connor is training a Delta team to cooperate with the ARC. He, Kieran Coles, and two other ARC members chase an Albertosaurus through London, and end up chasing it back into an anomaly. However, it returns and chases Kieran into the anomaly, and Connor runs back into the anomaly to save Kieran.

He then goes through an anomaly to the Silurian, before meeting Dylan Weir. Together, the two help Evan Cross out of the burrow, and into the Cretaceous. They then go to Cross Photonics in 2006, and find Kieran, and go back to the Cretaceous.

They attempt to go back to the future, but the Albertosaurus stalls them, and they are taken back to camp, where Kieran is treated. Connor warns Ange about the anomalies and then goes back into the anomaly to the future.