Scientific name Deinosuchus rugosus
Home era Late Cretaceous
Creature type Giant Crocodilian
Deaths caused 1 Velociraptor
Appearances Fire and Water
Other References

Fire and WaterEdit

A pair of Deinosuchus come out of an anomaly into a flooded Maidenhead. The Deinosuchus pair are first seen by Abby and Connor mating and soon they attack and eat a velociraptor, hinted by the squawk of terror by the Velociraptor. Becker, Connor, Abby and some soldiers use deodrant and aerosal to attracts the Deinosuchus and dart them to sleep, before putting them into the Creature Prison, now under control by the ARC. It is unknown wether our not they are currently still in the Creature Prison, as they didn't appear in Series 4 or Series 5. However, that doesn't mean they aren't still in the Prison.