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Scientific name Dimetrodon grandis
Home era Early Permian
Creature type Synapsid
Deaths caused Tim Jenkins
Appearances Extinction Event
Fire and Water
Other References

Dimetrodon is a creature that appears in Extinction Event.

Extinction EventEdit

After going through an anomaly leading to the Permian, Helen, Jenny, Hemple, Redfern, Mason, Garney, Murdoch and Jenkins encounter a huge herd of hundreds of sleeping Dimetrodon. They go through it, but one of them bites Jenkins' leg, crushing it, but Hemple and Murdoch kill the Dimetrodon and get Jenkins. The rest of the Dimetrodons stir, some of them cannibalising the dead Dimetrodon and some attacking each other.

Fire and WaterEdit

It is possible that one of the creature in Samuels menagerie is a Dimetrodon.


  • Dimetrodons technically caused the death on Jenkins, because the infection made it so that he couldn't fight back against the Troodons.