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Scientific name Eotyrannus lengi
Home era Early Cretaceous
Creature type Theropod dinosaur
Deaths caused 3
Appearances The Lost Island
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The Lost IslandEdit

After Jenny's helicopter crashed, an Eotyrannus is about to eat Jenny, when Stephen Hart shoots it, and it runs away. Later, a pack attacks and kills Peter Farnsworth, shaking him and it lets his organs fly out. The team kill two Eotyrannus, as Anita Watts gets killed by one, with her head crushed.

Later, during a storm, the Eotyrannus attack the base, killing Joe Bristow, and ramming into Stephen breaking his ribs, with one puncturing his lungs. The storm kills the Eotyrannus that try to break into the base where the anomaly is, but they manage to eat their dead comrade before going away.