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Creatures Dracorex
Cretaceous Fiah
More creatures in flashbacks
Setting Cretaceous Forest
ARC 2.0
Broadcast January 1st, 2011 (UK & US)
Series 4
Episode 1
Preceded by S4 Prequel Webisode 5
Followed by Episode 4.2

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Full SummaryEdit

Things have changed at the ARC. Connor and Abby are still missing in the Cretaceous, and Danny is stranded in his search for Helen. In their absence, a new ARC team springs into action. The new ultra-efficient operation descends into disarray, however, when the Dracorex escapes from the menagerie. After a year in the Cretaceous, Abby and Connor finally escape through an anomaly ... only to be followed through by a giant Spinosaurus. Becker, along with new field leader Matt, attempt to corral the creature back through the anomaly during a high octane chase. In the end, Connor inadvertently saves the day. Unfortunately, new boss Philip informs Connor and Abby that they are no longer needed. Will things ever be the same again? Meanwhile, Matt meets mysterious stranger, who seems to know all about the ARC operation. Is there more to Matt than meets the eye?