Creatures Mutated Future Predator
Setting Sterile Earth
New Dawn
Broadcast June 28th, 2011 (UK, Watch)
Series 5
Episode 6
Preceded by Episode 5.5
Followed by The New World

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This episodes starts off directly after the previous episode. Connor wakes up in a barren landscape, and a mutated future predator attacks him, but a toxic storm prevents the predator from killing him.

Matt and Philip have an argument at New Dawn, in which Philip wins and the soldiers prepare to take Matt out of the building. However, Matt knocks both guards out and witnesses Emily and Abby arguing about who goes to save Connor. Matt goes through and finds him. The future predator returns, but another appears and it fights the rival. Eventually one becomes the victor. It is about to kill Matt and Connor when Abby appears and shoots it. Suddenly, another storm arises, and they head into an underground shelter.

Emily is captured by the guards while New Dawn's deadly global effects take place. After the storm passes, Connor doesn't feel like going, but Abby whispers something in his ear to encourange him. They face future predators and run back through the anomaly. Philip realises that Helen tricked him, and he sacrafices himself to save the world. However, the anomaly doesn't need the machine anymore. They go to the ARC to find out Lester has been severely injured by a future predator. Connors prototype anomaly has reopened, and while Becker and Abby take out the predators, Matt and Connor use a sun cage to contain the anomaly. Matt drives the truck with the anomaly into the New Dawn anomaly, leaving a huge explosion. He saved the future, but he is no where to be found. He suddenly reappers, having somehow survived the explosion. They go back to the ARC, and Connor talks to Abby. She asks him to marry her (the thing she whispered in the future) and he says yes. An anomaly opens at Kings Cross Station, and the team head out.

While Matt tires to get his phone, he encounters a battered up version of himself telling him to 'go back'. Emily arrives to ask if everything's okay, and the second Matt is gone. Even though he says he's fine, Matt is clearly in major distress.