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Scientific name Unknown
Home era Second Future
Creature type Bird
Deaths caused 1 Thylacosmilus
Sean Lucas
Alex Chaplin
Appearances Shadow of the Jaguar
Episode 3.2 (mentioned)
Other References

A type of Future Bird appeared in the Primeval Novel, Shadow of the Jaguar. It has a strong resemblance to the Incan God, Pacha Kamaq.


Shadow of the JaguarEdit

An anomaly opened in Peru leading a pack of Thylacosmilus through. Another anomaly opens and lets through this Future Bird. It controls the pack of Thylacosmilus which kill Jaimie Bairstow, severely injures Cameron Bairstow, kills two full villages, a sloth, and several Special Forces members. However it wasn't seen until near the end of the book. It was first seen by Alex Chaplin, who thought it was Pacha Kamaq, an Incan God, but it killed him. The second time it is seen is while Cutters 4x4 was in the Peruvian Jungle and saw it moving, just before poachers kidnapped Jenny. In the Incan ruins, the team encounter the pack of Thylacosmilus and the future bird. The Future Bird kills a Thylacosmilus and then kills Sean Lucas, burrowing its tongue into his flesh. They return the Future Bird with the Thylacosmilus back to the Pliocene.

Episode 3.2Edit

On Cutter's matrix, a little sticky note says that the Future Bird is Pacha Kamaq, proving the novels and episodes to be canon.


  • This is the only future creature to appear in the novels.
  • It is mentioned in Cutter's matrix in Episode 3.2, saying it was Pacha Kamaq, proving the novels are indeed canon with Primeval.
  • This is the only creature from the future to not appear in any episodes.