Giganotosaurus Infobox
Scientific name Giganotosaurus carolonii
Home era Middle-Late Cretaceous
Creature type Theropod Dinosaur
Deaths caused 6
Appearances Episode 3.4
Fire and Water (mentioned)
Episode 3.10
Episode 4.1 (flashback)
Episode 4.2 (picture)
Other References
"That G-Rex at the airport, the anomaly it came out of was huge."
Abby Maitland comparing the anomaly in Maidenhead to the Airport Anomaly.[src]

A Giganotosaurus is a large creature that lived during the Cretaceous.

In Primeval'Edit

Episode 3.4Edit

A Giganotosaurus comes through an airport after a Velociraptor comes through. It eats Nigel Marven and some of the camera crew. Mick and his boss get into a car, but the Giganotosaurus flips it over and eats another cameraman. It goes back through the anomaly, and after Connor fails to close the anomaly, the Giganotosaurus returns through the anomaly and goes rampaging on the airstrip. It attacks an airplane, but nobody is injured. It chases Connor down the runway, and after Connor hits the brakes, it runs into the truck and collapses down, but Connor is injured, and leaves his truck, and the Giganotosaurus gets back up, and is about to eat him when Danny flies a chopper over the giganotosaur, leading it on a chase, and it follows him through the anomaly, eating Mick and his boss before regergetating the camera on the other side. The anomaly then is locked before a whole pack can go through.