Scientific name Unknown; Possibly Inostrancevia alexandri
Home era Late Permian Period
Creature type Therapsid Synapsid
Deaths caused 1 human
1 Cow
1 Adult Future Predator
3 Baby Future Predators
Appearances Episode 1.1
Episode 1.2 (mentioned)
Episode 1.4 (mentioned)
Episode 1.6
Episode 2.1 (flashback)
Episode 4.1 (flashback)
Other References

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 1.1Edit

One entered into the present through an Anomaly that opened up in the Forest of Dean. The Inostrancevia attacked Helen Cutter in an asda shopping centre carpark and easily flung cars around. It then returned through the Anomaly. The Anomaly reopened 8 years later and the Inostrancevia entered through it. This shows that the Inostrancevias are extremely territorial, as this individual seemed to be guarding the area where the anomalies appeared for eight years. The Inostrancevia killed a cow to eat and stored it in a tree. It then went on to attack a truck. The Inostrancevia also attacked Ben Trent's house and a school but both times caused no casualties. Nick Cutter and the team tracked it down, but when they least expected, it attacked them, but Stephen Hart ran it over, thinking he killed it. It managed to attack, but was gunned down.

Episode 1.6Edit

Tom Ryan, his men, as well as Nick and Helen go back to the Permian period at a time five years before the abandoned camp they found in the Episode 1.1. They are followed by a Future Predator, whose offspring they have taken. And then.... THE GORGONOPSID ARIVES. the thing abso-FUCKING-LUTELY dominates the future predator’s ass!!! Then it kills the future Predator and rips to shreds the baby future predators!! In conclusion, GORGONOPSIDS 4 LYFE!!!!