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Scientific name Postosuchus krikpatricki
Home era Late Triassic
Creature type Rauisuchian Crocodile
Deaths caused 1 Eustreptospondylus
Tom Samuels
3 Soldiers
Appearances Fire and Water
Other References

A Postosuchus appears in the novel, Fire and Water.

Fire and WaterEdit

It is first seen attacking the Eustreptospondylus, killing it, and kills a ton of Zebras and Wildebeests. It is later lured by an impala, and kills it. It attacks the team, but Sophie sacrifices herself to save Danny, killing the Postosuchus, but dying from her wounds. Later on, it attacks and kills Ted before being controlled by Tom Samuels, and it is witnessed chewing on what remained of Ted. When an anomaly opened in Lester's office, one attacked Sarah, and killed three soldiers. It is mortally wounded in a hail of bullets, but not killed. Samuels goes out of Lester's office and touches its snout, trying to show his panicking soldier that it's dead, but only manages to wake it up. He opens an anomaly, but the Postosuchus attacks him and drags him through the anomaly before it closes. It is presumed that Samuels was killed by the creature. Later on, when Danny, Sarah and Lester went into the creature menagerie, they saw a family of Postosuchus in their cage, attempting to escape their cage. The other creatures could be Coelophysis and Plateosaurus, making it that Samuels got a majority of his creatures from the Triassic. It is unknown if the Postosuchus family survived the oil rig explosion, although it's likely since it was protected by its cage. It is unknown what happened to them after that, although they and many more creatures would probably have been transported to the Creature Prison, now under-control by the ARC.