Pristichampsus promo
Scientific name Pristichampsus rollinatii
Home era Eocene Epoch
Creature type Crocodilian
Deaths caused 3
Appearances Episode 1.1 (picture)
Episode 3.1
Episode 4.1 (flashback)
Other References
Pristichampsus is a terrestrial quadraped/biped crocodilian, that are from many places in the world in the Eocene.

Episode 3.1Edit

An anomaly opens in the Sun Cage in the British Museum, and a Pristichampsus walks thru, and kills Marie. As Sarah is chased into the Sun Cage room, the Pristichampsus appears, and as people open the shutters and pack boxes into the Sun Cage room, it escapes into the early morning rush hour.

A police officer is putting a notice on a car, when the Pristichampsus walks on two legs onto the car, and kills the police officer. As Connor is explaining that the anomaly is part of the Sun Cage, another Pristichampsus pokes its head out of the anomaly and grabs Connor by the clothes, who holds onto a soldiers gun. Sarah then grabs a big object and slams it onto its head, letting it go of Connor.

It then pokes its head out again and is shot by automatic gun fire back into its anomaly. The Pristichampsus that originally came out of the anomaly, and goes into the River Thames, swims in it, and then gets out. As Connor and Sarah figure out more about the anomaly, another Pristichampsus lunges its head out of the anomaly, and is shot at, and Conor uses an accidental eletrical shock to make it go back into the anomaly, which seals.

The original Pristichampsus breaks thru the window of a breakfast restraunt and reaks havoc, after killing a jogger jogging in the morning. It attacks a cleaner, and Cutter saves the woman cleaner, and Abby makes it fall onto the ground.

It goes back into the water and into the museum, and as they corner the team and Sarah, they bow, and it returns into the anomaly, just before it closes.