Scutosaurus promo
Scientific name Scutosaurus kaprinskii
Home era Late Permian
Creature type Anapsid
Deaths caused 2
Appearances Episode 1.1
Episode 1.6
Episode 2.6
Episode 2.7
Fire and Water
Other References

Episode 1.1/Episode 1.6Edit

A Scutosaurus goes through an anomaly and then is scared back into the anomaly to its own era. Herds of Scutosaurus can be see in Episode 1.1 and Episode 1.6.

Episode 2.6/Episode 2.7Edit

Leek captured two Scutosaurus for his collection of prehistoric and futuristic animals. When opening a shutter, Abby, Caroline, Connor and Jenny encounter the Scutosaurus. They smack it hard and make it run. They use it for cover as it runs over two guards. They were not seen when Stephen was locked in the room filled with creatures. Since they are herbivores, the Scutosaurus would not have killed Stephen. They were presumably killed when the creatures turned on each other, but due to the armor plating and scutes over most of their bodies' and their huge size, it's possible that the Scutosaurus may have survived.

Fire and WaterEdit

Scutosaurus may be one of the creatures captured for Samuels Creature Menagerie. If so, then it would be a similarity to Leek's Creature Prison.