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12th January 2008 - 23rd February 2008

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"Back for seconds."
―Trailer Tagline

Series 2 of Primeval features 7 60 minute episodes (45 minutes without commercials). It focuses on Nick Cutter and his struggles in the new world.


At the end of series one, Cutter returned through an anomaly to find the world the same except for one difference - Claudia had disappeared.

She's been wiped from everyone's memories, now the oily Oliver Leek is in her place and the team's based in their brand new, futuristic-looking headquarters called the Anomaly Research Centre. Have Cutter's actions in the past altered the present? Everyone appears oblivious to Cutter's concerns, but with raptors loose in a shopping mall, he must get back to work. Just as he is coming to terms with the loss, he makes a shocking discovery when new PR guru Jenny Lewis arrives; identical to Claudia in every way, but, much to Cutter's confusion, a completely different person. As the series continues, every member of the team is tested as loyalty and trust are pushed to the limit. Now the team know the truth about Helen's disappearance, can they work out what she'll try next? She'll cause plenty more trouble and mistrust before the series is out, pitting best friends against each other, and attempting to destroy everything Cutter has worked for. Who is the mysterious Leek and what does he want? And how has Connor managed to pull the gorgeous and glamorous Caroline Steel? As the team battle against bigger and badder creatures, and face ever increasing danger, the pressure is on to find the answers behind the anomalies. Will they all make it, or will disaster strike before the series is out?

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Dromaeosaurus - Episode 2.1, Episode 2.6, Episode 2.7

Pteranodon - Episode 2.2

Coelurosauravus - Episode 2.2, Episode 2.4, Episode 2.5, Episode 2.6, Episode 2.7

Fog Worm - Episode 2.2

Smilodon - Episode 2.3, Episode 2.6, Episode 2.7

Future Shark

Mer Creature

Silurian Scorpion

Silurian Millipede

Columbian Mammoth

Future Predator