The Series 3 DVD is a DVD that contained all of Series 2.

Information on Back CoverEdit

Professer Nick Cutter is having a very bad day. His estranged wife Helen has deceived him; tricking him into going through the anomalies one last time. But something has gone terribly wrong. Upon his return into the present, the world as he knows it has changed. And he and Helen are the only one's who know.

Claudia Brown has never existed and the other members of Cutter's team have no idea who she was. Can Cutter convince them that their actions have inadvertently altered the course of nature? Although he has absolutely no idea what went worng or how he can fix it...

Along the way the team encounter some beastly opponents that are continuing to find their way through the anomalies. From a family of raptors going wild in the aisles of a shopping mall, a sabre-tooth at an amusement park, to a Woolly Mammoth holding up the traffic on the M25, the creatures just keep on coming...