Primeval jaguarOriginal Cover
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Setting ARC
Peruvian Rainforest
Author Steven Savile
Released 13th May 2008
Series Older Novels
Preceded by Episode 2.3
Followed by The Lost Island

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Shadow of the Jaguar is the first novel in the Primeval franchise set after Episode 2.3, dealing with an anomaly in Peru, and a new future creature.


When Cameron Bairstow and his brother Jaime are attacked by an unknown creature, the ARC team heads to Peru and face three threats. One from the past, one from the present, and one from the future...


During a simple trip to Peru to explore the Incan temples, Cam Bairstow and his brother Jaimie are attacked by an unknown creature, killing Jaimie and severely injuring Cam. Sir Charles Bairstow and Nando Estevez force James Lester and Nick Cutter to send the team flying over to Peru. They fly over to Peru meeting up with a man named Alex Chaplin, where they find out Cam was drugged in his sleep while in bed at the hospital. They save Cam from the poachers and go to a safe house. Jack Stark and Cam stay at the safe house while Chaplin, Connor, Abby, Stephen, Blaine, Lucas, Jenny and Cutter go meet up with Nando at the jungle, finding out his brother Esteban was killed by the creature, which Cutter thinks is a Boryhaenids, but soon after encountering the creature in the jungle the next day wiping out an entire village, finds out it is more like a Thylacosmilus. At the safe house, Cam and Stark are under attack by poachers, but Stark kills them.

In the jungle, Chaplin stays behind where the Thylacosmilus wiped out the village, and dies at the hands of a vanilla flavoured smelled creature, resembling Pacha Kamaq. Later on, after Blaine is killed and Jenny is saved from the poachers by Stark, the team get into the Incan temple and get into close quarters combat with the Thylacosmilus and future bird (the creature that killed Chaplin) where the bird kills Lucas. Cutter uses some flame and burns Lucas's body and return the Thylacosmilus and bird through the anomaly into the Plio-Pleistocene.




Final Cover

Shadow of the Jaguar Hardback.JPG

Abby on the hardback edition cover.