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Scientific name Various
Home era Triassic - Present Day
Creature type Saurischian Dinosaur
Deaths caused 67+
Appearances Episode 1.3

Episode 1.4
Episode 2.1
Shadow of the Jaguar
The Lost Island
Episode 2.6
Episode 2.7
Extinction Event
Episode 3.4
Fire and Water
Episode 3.6
Episode 3.10
Episode 4.1
Episode 4.3
Episode 4.7
Episode 5.2
Episode 5.3
Episode 5.5
The New World
Angry Birds
Primeval: New World

Other References
The Theropods are Saurischian Dinosaurs related to Sauropods who apeared frequently in Primeval.

In PrimevalEdit

Episode 1.3Edit

When a Anomaly opens in a House in London 1 Hesperornis possibly killed a Plummer. Later in the Episode a pack of Hesperornis are seen in the beach along with Helen Cutter and Mosasaurs.