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Scientific name Thylacosmilus atrox
Home era Miocene to Pliocene
Creature type Marsupial
Deaths caused 50+
Appearances Shadow of the Jaguar
Other References

Thylacosmilus are large predatory marsupials that lived during the Miocene.

In PrimevalEdit

A pack of six Thylacosmilsu come through an anomaly and are controlled by a Future Bird. They kill Jaimie Bairstow and severely injure his brother, Cameron Bairstow. It apparently wiped out a whole village as Cameron saw dead bodies being burnt in a village with crying people. While on patrol, Esteban Estevez and two other rangers are killed by the creature. The pack is seen again wiping out an other village by the ARC team. One later attacks and eventually kills Andy Blaine in the night. When in a small temple, the pack attacks again and soon they are returned through the anomaly along with the Future Bird.

The colouration of the Thylacosmilus is dark with some patterns.


  • Cutter and Stephen mistakes the Thylacosmilus at first for Boryhaenids.
  • Even though Thylacosmilus is a big carnivorous marsupial, the characters refer to it as a big cat.
  • The characters probably knew it was a marsupial, but called it a cat because it looked like one.