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Scientific name Unknown, Possibly Smilodon populator or Thrinaxodon
Home era Unknown, Possibly the Future, Pliocene or Triassic
Creature type Unknown, possibly A Future Bat, Big Cat, or Snynapsid
Deaths caused Possibly 1+
Appearances Episode 5.5 (only appearance)
Other References

The Unknown Carnivore is a carnivore that appears in Episode 5.5.

Episode 5.5Edit

Becker is seen shooting the creature on a staircase. It is possible it is the Kaprosuchus that attacked Connor, but it sounded like another carnivore, maybe the Thrinaxodon. It is even possible it is a Smilodon, but it doesn't sound like one, so maybe its a dinosaur like a small Tyrannosaur, like Eotyrannus.