Velociraptor Fire&Water
Scientific name Velociraptor mongoliensis
Home era Late Cretaceous
Creature type Theropod dinosaur
Deaths caused 1 (Jaimie Weavers)
Appearances Shadow of the Jaguar (mentioned)
Episode 2.5 (mentioned)
Primeval Evolved Intro (picture)
Episode 3.1 (mentioned)
Fire and Water
Other References
Abby Maitland[src]

Velociraptor was a dromaeosaurid dinosaur ("raptor") of the Cretaceous. It and its relative, Dromaeosaurus have appeared in Primeval.

In PrimevalEdit

Shadow of the JaguarEdit

It was mentioned in Jenny's recaps to the previous three episodes, which included Dromaeosaurus, Fog Worms, and Smilodon.

Episode 2.5Edit

When Connor says that Jenny looks amazing in her dress, Cutter remarks back "so does a Velociraptor."

Primeval Evolved IntroEdit

When Abby shows you pictures of creatures the team has encountered before, a picture of a "Velociraptor" is shown, but it probably is Dromaeosaurus.

Episode 3.1Edit

When Lester describes his boss Christine Johnson, he says, "think Velociraptor, only better dressed."

Fire and WaterEdit

A pack of six Velociraptors come thru an anomaly in Maidenhead. Becker and Jaimie Weavers brought their own SUV's to have the raptors chase them to bring the raptaors back to their era. However, Weavers is attacked, and hung onto the SUV to avoid being dragged off by the raptors. Even though Becker kills three of the raptors, they still rip Weavers off and they kill him and eat him.

As Abby and Connor go into the store getting aerosals to attract the Deinosuchus, when they meet a Velociraptor in there. It chases them out of the flooded store and Becker picks them up in a boat and drives away from the Velociraptor. The Deinosuchus then ate the raptor, as Connor and Abby hear a squawk and a roar from the two animals, hinting it was eaten.